Thursday, April 22, 2010

Updates and News

Hey everyone, Frank here again. I just wanted to let you all know about the new video up on UnLuckyKill Productions. It's an interactive improv in which you can choose actors and props for me and Jeremy to do some short skits. Each combination is unique and will surely be worth watching. So you can check that out here. For the shorts. There are a lot more up and I won't be posting a link to all of them, but you can simply check them out on our channel. Also, the issues that I mentioned before were between Rob and Jeremy, which is why Rob hasn't appeared in any shorts and why Gamers Gone Wild was postponed. Well all of that was resolved and we welcome Rob back to UnLuckyKill. Look for him in some upcoming shorts. The shorts have recently slowed down also, but that is my fault. I've been out of touch with Jeremy since my phone is shut off and he doesn't have much time to get on XBL with me. I'm working on the phone problem and me and Jeremy are planning a short within the next week or two. Rob's appearance in it has yet to be decided, but most likely will be happening. Finaly, Gamers Gone Wild will remain postponed. We use a digital camera for filming, and to be honest, it's made to take pictures, not film. So I'm going to upgrade my camera, editing equipment, and going to buy a Capture Card. I'm applying to as many jobs as I can at the moment and when I finaly get one all of these needs will be met and Gamers Gone Wild will return with MUCH better quality. Thank you all for your patience. We'll be back with you all as soon as we can!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry about the lack of updates

Hey every,
Sorry we haven't posted anything on here lately. I'm the only one who uses UnLuckyKill Productions' blog and I've been really neglecting it. A lot has just slid by as I did and now we have about 3 shorts up on YouTube and a vlog if any of you wanna check them out heres a link to our channel and videos. Watch whichever ones you want.
Now to update you. The show has slowed to a standstill and will remain postponed until we can get better equipment and more editing/acting skill. On the plus side, some personal conflicts have resolved themselves, and I don't want to go into detail, but this means that the show will not be cancelled and the shorts will continue.
So look forward to a whole lot of short videos and in the future machinima/gameplay montages!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey, we posted episode 2 of Gamers Gone Wild. You can check it out here. We won't be continuing the series until we can afford a capture card to get gameplay into each episode. Sorry fans, but you will like the series more after we get it back up and running.

Thank you,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello again, Frank here. We've slightly been ignoring our shows blog, so for any of you who check it every now and then we apologize. There's a lot of stuff we need to fill you in on. The promo got a pretty good response from youtube viewers (for a video from a group of friends that no one knows about lol). We also posted the first official episode of Gamers Gone Wild. You can find that here. Our own Jeremy also created his first halo 3 screen shot montage. You can watch it here. I myself think it was done well and is truly worth watching. But I am slightly jealous that he did this before me. Thus I have taken the liberty to make my own. This will be up on youtube in a week or two. The time for that upload depends solely on this whether or not we post episode two of Gamers Gone Wild. We hope to film for that this weekend. So I'll try to keep you all updated on what's going on. Keep an eye out!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gamers Gone Wild - Promo

Hey everyone, Frank here. I just wanted to let you know that the promo is up and waiting for you to watch it on youtube. You can find the link here Enjoy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Awesome Series Coming Soon!!


It's Frank here. I just wanted to let you guys all know that planning and saving money has begun for our premiere show. It should only take a couple more months, maybe less, until the show can finally air on youtube.
Have we actually told you the details for the show? After all the times that I've told others, I can't really remember. Oh well. It's about me and my friends. We're all goofy-ass bastards and when we get on xbl... crazy shit will happen.... Basically it's a parody of some of the things we've gone through on xbox live, from pre-game banter, to mocking each other about our FAIL.
If you want to know more, watch our series promo coming out within the next couple weeks.
See you soon!!!